investigations such as SEAMS OF DESIRE into the relation between Syrian lingerie and the unspoken world of the female intimate in the Syrian capital of Damascus, and filmic essays like ART AND WAR about art in times of turmoil.


With the epic drama MIRKOGNA - The Captive we return to feature film. MIRKOGNA is a political drama about a girl who falls in love with a resistance fighter and his movement against the Ethiopian military regime, is captured and has to confront the ultimate choice between sacrifice and survival.


OutreMer also acts as a co- and service producer, with two offices strategically placed in Berlin and Hamburg. If you are planning to film in Germany, we can assist - so do not hesitate to contact us for details.

1979 is our most ambitious documentary project yet: a high profile investigation into a pivotal yet still unknown event of modern history that has impacted global relations ever since. An international coproduction between Germany, France and the USA, the film attempts to build a missing link between a tipping point in history and the turmoil of our present time.


After JAMMING ADDIS and GUZO NORTH recently selected by UNESCO), the ongoing GUZO series is a formidable trek into Africa's ancient heritage of music and culture, accompanying a world-class musician on his quest for the origin of Music.


Other projects include historical investigations like "RIGHT AFTER GOD" about a rogue German military officer who almost succeeded uniting the Persian tribes against the British Empire in WW 1; unusual

PROJECTS FOR 2017 / 2018