Dedicated to the adventure of the real, we are specialized in documentary and hand- picked feature films.

Our name means "beyond the horizon". This is where we strive to go with OutreMer Film.


1979 is our most ambitious project yet: a high profile investigation into a pivotal yet still unknown event of modern history that has impacted global relations ever since. An international coproduction between Germany, France and the USA, our film will attempt to build a missing link between our present and a point of no return in history, where what once was would never be again. For reasons of security whilst in production, information is available only upon request.

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of Africa. Among the results are the GUZO series - GUZO NORTH was just selected by UNESCO as one of the most representative films of their mission.

The feature documentary JAMMING ADDIS is a cinematic jam session out of Addis Abeba's quirky young art and music scene.

The GUZO series is a formidable trek into Africa's ancient heritage of music and culture, accompanying a world-class musician on his quest for the origin of Music. Other projects include unusual investigations into Syrian lingerie and the unspoken world of the female intimate in the Syrian capital of Damascus such as SEAMS OF DESIRE, and filmic essays like ART AND WAR about art in times of turmoil.

OutreMer also executive- and service-produces for third parties. With our two strategically placed offices in Germany - in Berlin and Hamburg - we can assist you with regional and national film funding.