Specialized in documentary and hand- picked feature films, we are dedicated to the adventure of the real and beyond.

"OutreMer" is an ancient word for things that are beyond - figuratively and literally.


Between 2014 and 2016 we are seeing a lot of East Africa. Among the results are a the GUZO series and a feature documentary right out of the hottest music clubs of quirky Addis Ababa: JAMMING ADDIS, a quirky cinematic jam session about Ethiopian music that breaks taboos about Africa.


Our most ambitious project yet will be a high profile investigation of a watershed event of history that is still a secret to most. An international coproduction between Germany, France and the USA, this film will lift the veil on an unknown event of modern history that has impacted global relations ever since.

Due to the project's nature, no further information is available at this time.

GUZO is a formidable trek into Africa's ancient heritage of music and culture. Accompanying a world-class musician on his quest for the origin of Music, we will roam the mountains, deserts and unknown regions of Ethiopia, on a journey both artistic and scientific.

Projects in development are investigations into sexuality in the Arab world such as SEAMS OF DESIRE, history bios like RIGHT AFTER GOD about a rogue German officer who became Britain’s most fierce enemy in the Orient, and filmic essays like ART AND WAR about art in times of turmoil.

Meet our team, director-producer Dirk van den Berg, cinematograper Henrik Sauer, line producer André Helfers and production assistant Julie Pageler. Check out the news feed and if you like, drop us a line.

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