Specialized in documentary and hand- picked feature films, we are dedicated to the adventure of the real and beyond.

"OutreMer" is an ancient word for things that are beyond - figuratively and literally.


Between 2014 and 2016 we are seeing a lot of East Africa. Among the results are the GUZO series and a feature documentary right out of the hottest music clubs of quirky Addis Ababa: JAMMING ADDIS, a cinematic jam session about Ethiopian music that breaks taboos about Africa.


1979 is our most ambitious project yet: a high profile investigation into a pivotal yet still unknown event of modern history that has impacted global relations ever since. An international coproduction between Germany, France and the USA, our film will attempt to build a missing link between our present and a point of no return in history, where what once was would never be again. For reasons of security whilst in production, information is available only upon request.

OutreMer film